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Our specialized care approach centers on helping your patients achieve and maintain good health.

At Noble Health Services, your patients will benefit from treatment that is more precise and effective, eliminating unnecessary visits, and improving adherence and patient satisfaction.

  • Your call to our pharmacy will be answered by a live person who is trained to help in less than 10 seconds.
  • Outbound Doctor Call Queue Sortable by Provider – This simplifies the clarification process and supports our ability to renew multiple patients in just one phone call while saving the time of your staff.
  • Our Care Teams will contact the patient and insurance to initiate follow up with prior authorizations and processing questions.
  • We offer on-demand access to our pharmacy system, which allows you to evaluate utilization and see clinical data metrics. This will allow you to more accurately customize clinical enrollments, therapy, and medication.
  • We collaborate with you to create configurable, automated enrollment forms.
  • E-Prescribing (“Noble” in Syracuse, New York)
  • We schedule regular reviews to discuss utilization and customer service metrics.
  • Automated RxRenewal Request – Our system automates this process to ensure that there are no gaps in treatment.

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